10 Best Action Anime of All Time With Non-Stop Action

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Best Action Anime Of All TIme

For those who love action anime, this 10 Best Action Anime of All Time list is made for you and your homies.

Best Action Anime

If we look at the anime industry, there are lots of categories to select, and fans choose their anime according to their favourite category. However, no matter which type of anime you like, fantasy, comedy, and thrills There is one category that has a place in every anime fan’s heart. And this category is our Action anime.

If we look at anime history, the anime industry is rapidly becoming famous for action anime. The storyline and the visuals of action anime are fantastics. And now, they come with unbelievable action scenes. That makes their viewers sit on the edge of their seats and watch the full series.  

 10.   JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
 Japenese Title JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken
 Author Hirohiko Araki
 Genre Action
 Studio David Production, Inc.
 Episodes 190
 Where to Stream Hulu
 Release Date 6 October 2012

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a popular action anime series, This story revolve around the extraordinary journey of the Joester family through generation. The story starts from 19th century in England, where Jonathan Joestar, faces his adopted brother Dio Brando, who want to become head of their family and gain the supernatural powers known as a Stand. In this anime you watch how they protect their family and that supernatural power with their allies.

There are many other supernatural powers like vampire who wants to conquer the world. If you like action anime with fantasy, and secrates touch than you must watch this anime. The visual graphic of this anime is better, However the action of this anime is fabulus. You don’t get bored when you watch this action anime.

 09.  Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
 Japenese Title
 Author Koyoharu Gotouge
 Genre  Adventure, Action, Dark fantasy, Martial arts
 Studio Ufotable, Inc.
 Episodes 45
 Where to Stream Netflix, Crunchyroll
 Release Date 6 April 2019

“Demon Slayer” is a full-action anime series. The story starts with a young boy named Tanjiro Kamado, whose family is brutally killed by demons. All family members are dead, including his mom, little brother, and sister. However, his one sister named “Nezuko” somehow survived in that demon attack. However, Nezuko is also turned into a demon, but unlike other demons who have no emotions, she manage to remeber all human emotions.

Now our hero, “Tanjiro,” wants to find medicine for her sister to turn him back in human. And also want to get revenge of their family death. He start their journey to become a No. 1 demon slayer and kill the head of demons “Muzan Kibutsuji”. These anime are more famous for their graphics quality and small-small touchups. Not only visuals but the storyline of this anime is also very good. Action scenes in these anime are outstanding without any doubt.

 08.   Claymore

 Japenese Title Claymore: Gingan no Majo
 Author Norihiro Yagi
 Genre Adventure, Dark fantasy, Sword and sorcery
 Studio Madhouse Studios
 Episodes 26
 Where to Stream Hulu
 Release Date 3 April 2007

“Claymore” is a dark fantasy action anime series. In this anime humans are eaten by the creatures known as Youma, which have superhuman strengths. However, there are some creature or humans who have the power of half-human and half-Youma hybrids. They can think like humans and attack like Yoma’s. These organisations are known as Claymore. They are the last hope for humans existence.

In this anime, you watch how this organisation saves the remaining people. And fight against the most deadly creature, Yoma. There is our main character, known as Clare. Her entire family is killed by Yoma. The Yoma is not only the plot in this anime; there are many mysterious things for our heroes to discover. As the story moves forward, Clare discovers the existence of a new breed of powerful Yoma known as Awakened Beings. This is a full action anime series. You must try this.

 07.  Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom
 Japenese Title Assassination Classroom
 Author Yusei Matsui
 Genre  Action Science fiction, comedy
 Studio Studio Lerche
 Episodes 22
 Where to Stream Netflix, Crunchyroll
 Release Date 9 January 2015

“Assassination Classroom” is a comedy-action anime series. The story starts from a high school where a powerful creature, known as Koro-sensei, becomes the teacher of Class 3-E. The plot twist is that he himself gave a mission to the students: that they must find a way to assassinate him before he destroys Earth in one year. When the students try to figure out how they can kill them, the students also make a very deep bond with them.

The students figure out that he is not only the opponent but the formal teacher also inculude in this for destroy the Earth. The anime show many attempts taken by the students to kill each of bad evils.  When the deadline comes , this is the very difficult choice for students because they create very deep bond with each other. However, what happen next, If you are curious then you should watch this Anime.

 06.  Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion
 Japenese Title Shinseiki Evangerion
 Author Hideaki Anno
 Genre Action, Apocalyptic Mecha Psychological drama
 Studio Gainax
 Episodes 26
 Where to Stream Gainax
 Release Date 4 October 1995

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” is a action packed anime series. In this anime there are many mysterious beings known as Angels. This mysterious things is threaten for humanity existence. The story running arround Shinji Ikari, a teenager who is forced to pilot a giant biomechanical robot called an Evangelion to fight the Angels.

When Shinji battles these creatures, he fight with his own inner demons and emotional struggles, as well as complex relationships with other Eva pilots, including the enigmatic Rei Ayanami and the fiery Asuka Langley Soryu. In this series you watch how they fight with their inner demon , corperate with them and with with Angles and other bad creators. This is full action and thrilling Anime Series.

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 05.  Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen
 Japenese Title Jujutsu Kaisen
 Author Gege Akutami
 Genre Adventure. Dark fantasy. Supernatural
 Studio Studio MAPPA
 Episodes 24
 Where to Stream Disney+ Hotstar
 Release Date 6 July 2023

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is a dark fantasy action anime series.  This anime start in a world where cursed spirits and supernatural beings exist. The story follows Yuji Itadori, a high school student with awesome physical strength. He also have the ability to see the cursed spirits. One time, the spirits attach on their friends, that time he don’t have any powers.

However one incident happend and they eat the finger of cursed king and gain the little amount of their power. In this anime you watch how they control that ultimate power, and kill all the cursed in their world. There are also funny and cool characters like panda , Megumi and Satoru Gojo. He explore the dark side of cursed society and find new clues related to that finger with their friends and sensei.

 04.  Bleach

 Japenese Title Burīchi
 Author Tite Kubo
 Genre Action, Adventure Supernatural
 Studio Studio Pierrot
 Episodes 366
 Where to Stream Hulu
 Release Date 5 October 2004

“Bleach” is one of the most famous action anime series. The story starts with a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student who can see ghosts. One time, he fight with a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki and encounter them, she transfer her powers to him when she is injured. Ichigo take the responsiblity as a substitute Soul Reaper.

He creates a team with his friends known as the Soul Society. In that time they face many challenges, fight with many enemies, but they don’t give up and try to protect all souls and humanity. In this anime you watch how the ichigo gain more powers, how they manage to control them, and many more. The action scenes in these anime are fantastic. What happened in this anime during and after the war. If you are interested you must try this action anime.

 03.  Dororo

 Japenese Title Dororo
 Author Osamu Tezuka
 Genre Action, Dark fantasy, Historical fantasy
 Studio MAPPA
 Episodes 24
 Where to Stream Amazon Prime Video
 Release Date 7 January 2019

“Dororo” is a  best sword action anime series.The story start with a boy named Hyakkimaru, a child who was born without several body parts, includingeyes, and skin, because their father made a promise with demons. His father want to get the power of demons and ruled all over the world. However, Hyakkimaru start a journey to defeat the demons and take her body parts back.

In their Journey, Hyakkimaru discovers that each demon he defeats restores a body part, and also gave them extra abilities.  Along the way, they encounter various demons and encounter individuals who are both allies. In the end when they restore almost all their body part they have to face and fight with his father. Because of the greed their father become the most dangerous demon.

 02.  Hunter × Hunter

 Japenese Title Hantā Hantā
 Author Yoshihiro Togashi
 Genre  Adventure, Fantasy. Martial arts
 Studio Nippon Animation
 Episodes 148
 Where to Stream Hulu
 Release Date 2 October 2011

“Hunter × Hunter” is a very fast-growing anime series known for its action and storyline. The story starts with young boy named Gon Freecss, who go on a journey to become a Hunter with various specialties and opportunities. Gon aims to find his Hunter father, Ging Freecss, who missing from several years. As Gon attampt the Hunter Exam, he meets many new people and becomes their friend, including Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua.

In this anime, each character has their own unique motivations and abilities. However, Gon and his friends face numerous challenges, face dangerous tasks and splore a new wild world filled with unique locations and mystical creatures. In this anime you see, how they become the most popular and powerful hunter with their friends. Lot’s of action available in this anime. It is a remarkable anime that leaves a lasting impression on its audience.

 01.   Naruto

 Japenese Title Naruto
 Author Masashi Kishimoto
 Genre  Adventure, Fantasy. comedy. Martial arts
 Studio Studio Pierrot
 Episodes 720
 Where to Stream Hulu
 Release Date 21 September 1999

“Naruto” is not just an anime series; this is a lifetime lesson anime for all anime lover. The story starts with a boy named Naruto Uzumaki, who was the Nine Tail Jinchuriki. He lives in a Hidden Leaf Village. Naruto always get ignored and hatered by the villagers because they have the most powerful power in his body. He decide to become the greatest ninja in their village and achieve the respect of their villagers.

In this story you see how they join Team 7, make new friends, fight for their village and shinobi World. If you ask me what category of Naruto anime I simply said that there are no category limits. You can see in this anime emotions such as romance, fights, fantasy, thrills, plot twists, and many more. If you want to start your anime journey, Then you must watch Naruto.

Conclusion :

We hope that you like this action anime that we recommended to you. In future, we will post more best, new, and old action anime. And not only Action Anime but all category anime like isekai, comedy, fantasy, and so much more. So we hope that you will stay updated with us. If you have any queries, you can comment on this post.

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