Story of a Small Senior in My Company Review

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Mind blowing news for all rom-com anime fan lovers. This year one more rom-com anime conformed to released known as ” Story of a Small Senior in My Company” Review. This anime has been officially announced to broadcast in this summer 01-July-2023. 

Story of a Small Senior in My Company Review

If you like to watching rom-com anime series like Achhi Kochhi or My Senpai is Annoying than this anime will be made for you. There is many rom-com anime series in anime industry. However, only few of them will famous among the fans. The author of this anime said that this iss one of the anime that make a place in their viewers heart. This anime  Small Senior in My Company is based on the manga with same name “Story of a Small Senior in My Company.”

Story of a Small Senior in My Company Storyline :

The story starts with a young office worker known as Takuma Shinozaki, who has an assignment to take care of his senior Shiori Katase. Shiori is very helpless women who don’t work properly on its own and every time do some mistakes in their worke. However, In the other hand she is very gorgeous, kind-hearted, loving, and cheerful woman. As they start working together, they face lots of challenges, but every time they tackle them easily. After some time, Takuma starts developing feelings for her. But he hesitates to confess his lover because she is her senior, and he don’t want to ruined his good friendship with her.


However, one incident changed his life. One time, some boys harassed her on the road. Then Takuma stepped in and saved her. In that incident, Shiroi also started feeling for him. On the next day, Shirois confesses her love to Takuma. Takuma is very happy after shiroi confession. Then they both started dating.

However, their relationship is not that easy as you think. They have to face lots of challenges in their relationship. Shiroi has to face many things because she is the senior, and she builds relationships with his junior co-worker. On the other hand, Takuma has to deal with the jealousy of his co-workers. Despite of them, their love for each other grows stronger and stronger.

Takuma and Shiroi is a perfect couple for each other, and they are determined to overcome any obstacles that come in the way of their relationship.


Story of a Small Senior in My Company Cast & Staff :

 Director Hideki Okamoto
 Writer Saisō
 Genre Romantic comedy
 Studio Project No.9
 Status Not yet Aired
 Episodes 12
 Where to Stream Crunchyroll
 Release Date July 01, 2023

Quality of Story of a Small Senior in My Company Review :


Great Storyline:

We all know that almost every rom-com anime has a similar story. But this anime is much better than that anime. The character development in this anime is awesome. The storyline is much better than the other rom-com anime series. This anime also has lots of new challenges that increase the fun for their viewers. I think that this is the best anime for all rom-com anime fans. The trailor of small seniors in my company has already become very popular among fans.


ANIMATIONS Of Small Senior in My Company :

As we know, the animation is the most important thing in any anime. And the rom-com anime animations are not very good, as we see. But this time the history will change; the animation of this anime is fantastic, and the detailing on each character is impressive. In the trailer, we saw that the quality of animation is fantastic, without any doubt. And also, as 2023 anime fans, we expect this much from our animators.

Trailer of Story of a Small Senior in My Company :


This anime series, Definitely blow all anime fans mind with their good animation and storyline. However, if we compare this with old rom-com anime series this anime is much similiar, but the sweetness in this anime is increase and the characters development is also good. This anime teach you the value of life, friendship and love. It’s a anime that you can watch for fun.


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