Top 10 Most Popular Anime Cosplays of 2023

Kunal Singh Negi

10 Anime Cosplays That Will Make You Want to Be a Cosplayer

Nowadays, Cosplays become very popular among new generations, And its grow very rapidly in last few years. Social Media is one of the main reason, why cosplay popularity has grown so fast. Also, Many famous cosplayers show their works on their social media handles, and their followers see their works and are inspired by them.

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Cosplays of 2023

 10.   Ai Hoshino – Oshi no Ko

Ai Hoshino and her cosplayer
 Anime Name Oshi No Ko
 Character Name Ai Hoshino
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

“Oshi No Ko” is one of the most popular anime in 2023. And her character Ai Hoshino is one of the most popular female character in 2023. Everyone loves her because of her beautiful looks, gorgeous eyes, and model body. Now let’s talk about the cosplay.

As we can see, our cosplayer puts lots of hard work in her hair and makeup. And try very hard to pose and act like Ai Hoshino. Her face and smile are very similar to our anime character. So, In my opinion, her hard work pays off because she reach out to their fans directly.

 09.  Miku Nakano – The Quintessential Quintuplets

Nakano Miku Ai Hoshino and her cosplayer
 Anime Name The Quintessential Quintuplets
 Character Name Miku Nakano
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

“Miku Nakano” is one of the most popular character in The Quintessential Quintuplets. She is a very introverted girl in the anime and always loves listening to music, and that’s why she wear headset all the time. And this headset becomes her identity in this anime series.

Our cosplayer is ready to play in the live-action movie of The Quintessential Quintuplets because she looks very similar to our character Miku. She does very hard work on her looks, cosplay costume, face, and expressions. She also uses a similar headset like Miku did in the anime. That shows the dedication of our cosplayer.

 08.  Rikka Takanashi – Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Takanashi Rikka Ai Hoshino and her cosplayer
 Anime Name Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!
 Character Name Rikka Takanashi
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

“Rikka Takanashi” is one of the cutest characters in anime verse. She’s popular because of her acting and cuteness. Actually, she has some kind of imaginary problem. Sometimes she lives in a imaginary world in her mind. However, she always entertains her fans in the anime.

No doubt, our cosplayer looks very cute (kawaii) in her costume. Not always the costume is important for the cosplay. Sometimes the face and expressions are more important than the costume. And she did that very fantastically. I don’t say that her costume is not good. She did a lots of work on her cosplay costume. Her costumes, cosplay wigs, makeup, and face expressions everything is very perfect.

 07.  Tomori Nao – Charlotte

Tomori Nao-and her cosplayer
 Anime Name Charlortte
 Character Name Tomori Nao
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

“Tomori Nao” is the main female character of Charlotte Anime. She is a very simple and cute girl. But she always seems angry in the series. However, she is a cute, caring, and little sweet girl. She also saved our main character from becoming a villain in the series.

Our cosplayer looks like the 3D version of our character, without any doubt. She focus on small-small details like contact lenses, cosplay costume, wigs, makeup, and many more in her cosplay; I don’t able to remove my eyes from her cosplay. She looks very perfect in her cosplay.

 06.  Sakura Haruno – Boruto

Haruno Sakura and her cosplayer
 Anime Name Boruto
 Character Name Sakura Haruno
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

“Sakura Haruno” is a very popular female character in anime. I think there is no one who watches anime and don’t know about Sakura. Bascially Sakura is the female character in Naruto. But this is the adult sakura of the Boruto anime. That’s why I write boruto in anime name. She is the top rank medical ninja in her hidden leaf village. And she also looks very hot in her adult form.

Don’t you think that its looks like the real sakura sits on the hidden leaf? As I said earlier, the photoshoot is also the main part of any cosplay. And for photos, choosing the right spot is also very important. Our cosplayer not only do the photoshoot work, but she also puts lots of effort into her cosplay costume. She designed her costume perfectly. On the other hand, her body and face shapes are also similar to Sakura’s. That makes her cosplay very cool and realistic.

You May Be Like This :

 05.  Mitsuri Kanroji – Demon Slayer

Mitsuri kanroji and her cosplayer
 Anime Name Demon Slayer
 Character Name Mitsuri Kanroji
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

“Mitsuri Kanroji” is one of the most popular female characters in Demon Slayer. She is very kind, cute, and caring person in the anime. I am a fan of her because of her kindness and fighting skills. She is one of the top-ranking Hashira in Demon Slayer.

I don’t lie, One of the biggest challenges of Mitsuri Cosplay is her hair, which is very difficult to make. And our cosplayer make them perfectly perfect. She focused on everything in her eyes, hair, makeup , and costume. I think she is one of the best cosplayers of Mituri Kanroji.

 04.  Marin Kitagawa – My Dress-Up Darling

my-dress-up-darling Kitagawa and her cosplayer
 Anime Name My Dress-Up Darling
 Character Name Marin Kitagawa
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

Marin Kitagawa is also a cosplayer in his own Anime. Yes. In her anime, she was a anime character cosplayer. In anime, they show us the types of challenges cosplayers have to face in their cosplay, like choosing the right costume material, choosing the right makeup, and many more things.

It doesn’t look like our cosplayer directly ordered Marin Kitagawa’s hair from the anime. Because her hair perfectly looks like Kitagawa’s Hairstyle. Our cosplayer not only focuses on her hair, but she also focuses on little details like her eyes, posture, perfect makeup, and many other things. It looks like Marin Kitagawa really sat there, not the cosplayer.

 03.  Misa Amane – Death Note

Misa Amane and her cosplayer
 Anime Name Death Note
 Character Name Misa Amane
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

“Misa Amane” is a famous female character in Death Note. I don’t think that there are any anime fans who don’t watch Death Note. Death Note is a very suspenseful and thrilling anime series. Who make their viewers sit on the edges of their sets.

Our cosplayers follow the proper theme of Death Note. Like more than there clothes and makeup. She also focus on the theme of the anime. She grabs the apple in one hand, and in the other, she grabs the death note book. This makes their cosplay more attractive and unique. Rather than that, she properly focused on their cosplay costumes, Makeup, wigs, and facial expressions. She also nicely focused on the photoshoot. So, there is no space for any negative points in their cosplay. Her cosplay is perfectly perfect.

 02.  Makima – Chainsaw Man

Makima and her cosplayer

 Anime Name Chainsaw Man
 Character Name Makima
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

“Makima” is one of the hottest and scariest characters in the anime. She is the female character of Chainsaw Man anime. In her looks, she is a very hot person without any doubt, but her true self is still unknown in the anime. So, we have to wait until her true self is shown in the anime.

I have no words for the cosplayer of Makima. Because she looks very similar, or I even said she looks like twins of her. Our cosplayer perfectly focused on the hair, dressing style, and eye contact lenses, and more than that, the photoshoot was extremely fantastic. I have no words for this cosplay. She choose the perfect hair color wig, or, as I say, Cosplay Wigs. And the clothing format is simple and attractive, like Makima’s in the anime. In my opinion, this is the most perfect cosplay I’ve ever seen.

 01.  Miku Hatsuni – Shinkansen Henkei Robo

Hatsune Miku and her cosplayer
 Anime Name Shinkansen Henkei Robo
 Character Name Miku Hatsuni
 Cosplayer Name  Unknown
 Social Media Unknown

“Miku Hatsuni” is one of the cutest female characters in anime. She looks very adorable, and her voice is very cute. She is the female character of the Shinkansen Henkei Robo anime. She is a AI robot who is very innocent, cute, kind, and adorable.

On first look, it looks like Miku Hatsuni itself sits on the soffa. But in reality, she is our beautiful cosplayer. She looks so realistic that at first I doubt that this is a animated image. But when I research and find more about the image, I found out that she is a cosplayer. She choose the perfect cosplay hair color wig, perfect eye contour lances, she also has the similar face as the Miku, and did the same makeup as our anime character. The cosplay costume she chose is perfect, and the photoshoot of the cosplayer is upper-level. In my opinion, she is the perfect cosplayer of Miku Hatsuni.

Cosplays Conclusion :

It’s my first anime cosplay blog, that why I can’t put much information as I want, like their social media handles and other information. Basically these are the top 10 anime cosplay in 2023. In my opinion this cosplays are look very real, detailed and touchups, This is just starting of my cosplay blogs. In my upcoming blogs, I try my best and gave you all information related to my blog. So please keep support, I try my best in upcoming blogs. 

If Any cosplayer, which image I use in my blog. If you have time you can comment your social media Id. I am happy to put your social media and your name in my blog.

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